Private Equity

Private Equity

Radiance provides end to end services for all stages for Private Equity clients, from Fund Raising to Investing and Managing the Portfolio, and finally Realizing Value. The spectrum of services enables Private Equity firms to better screen, evaluate, and manage investments. Radiance offers private equity services in raising private equity and venture capital for the clients from appropriate funding agencies. Radiance ensures proper structuring and presentation of the deal, establish feasibility of business model, approach and negotiate with private equity funds to obtain the best-possible deal.
Private equity is money invested in companies that are not publicly traded on a stock exchange or invested as part of buyouts of publicly traded companies in order to make them private companies. Among the most common investment strategies in private equity include leveraged buyouts (LBO), venture capital, growth capital, distressed investments and mezzanine capital.
We have arrangements for specific funds for specific industries. This in turns helps in reducing the turnaround times and also helps in closing the transactions rapidly.

Leveraged Buyouts

The acquisition of another company using a significant amount of borrowed money (bonds or loans) to meet the cost of acquisition. Most of the time, the assets of the company being acquired are used as collateral for the loans in addition to the assets of the acquiring company. The purpose of leveraged buyouts is to allow companies to make large acquisitions without having to commit a lot of capital.

Venture Capital

This strategy involves money being provided by investors to start-up firms and small businesses with perceived, long-term growth potential. This is a very important source of funding for start-ups that do not have access to capital markets. It typically entails high risk for the investor, but it has the potential for above-average returns.

Growth Capital

Growth Capital refers to equity investments, usually minority investments, in relatively mature companies that are looking for capital to expand or restructure operations, enter new markets or finance a major acquisition without a change of control of the business. Companies that take on this strategy are likely to be more mature than venture capital funded companies, for instance they are able to generate revenue and operating profits but unable to generate sufficient cash to fund major expansions, acquisitions or other investments.

Special Situations

Particular circumstances involving a security that would compel investors to trade the security based on the special situation, rather than the underlying fundamentals of the security or some other investment rationale. An investment made due to a special situation is typically an attempt to profit from a change in valuation as a result of the special situation, and is generally not a long-term investment.